Bangladesh does not want a result like India against Pakistan

Bangladesh does not want a result like India against Pakistan
Bangladesh does not want a result like India against Pakistan

Nigar Sultana Jyoti, captain of the Bangladesh team, at the press conference. Photo: Today’s NewspaperBangladesh women’s cricket team could not confirm the series despite having a chance against India in their own field last July. The three-match series ended in a draw. Bangladesh and India won one match each. The last match was a tie. However, Sultana Jyoti’s team does not want to see the same result against Pakistan this time.

Bangladesh and Pakistan girls have already won one match each. So tomorrow the last match of the series at Mirpur Sherebangla Stadium took the form of an unwritten final. In today’s pre-match press conference, Bangladesh captain Jyoti said that he does not want to see the same result as the India match. In the press conference, the Bangladesh captain said, ‘I have no more thoughts about the draw. See, we have a great chance to take the series. Everything depends on us playing positive cricket. We want to play positive cricket… (to win the series). It will be a big achievement for us if we can take the series.’

Nida Dar’s Pakistan advance by winning the first ODI. Jyotira returned to parity in the series by winning the super over in the second match. Jyoti’s thoughts about the last match are also clear. Want to win the match. The Bangladesh captain said, ‘First of all, tomorrow is a refreshing day. Thank you very much to Almighty Allah, because He gave us an opportunity – the way we won the last match. There will definitely be a big chance for us (to win the series). Play better cricket and win the next match to secure the series (that’s the aim).’

The fragile state of the Bangladesh women’s cricket team’s batting order for a long time is also evident. According to Jyoti, they have to do well in batting to win. He is optimistic about overcoming the mistakes in the last match, ‘Of course we are struggling in batting. (at the wicket) those who remain are perhaps too many; But if the top order is not able to get runs or if the top order is good, the middle order is getting out quickly. If we can bat a little better on this wicket…. I would say, the issues we face are obvious. If we can play better cricket as a batting unit in tomorrow’s match, at least put up a score of 200 plus, if we bat first, it will be very difficult for them to chase this run.’

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