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Barisal Mayor Sadiq Abdullah left 5 days ago, asked for forgiveness

Barisal Mayor Sadiq Abdullah left 5 days ago, asked for forgiveness
Barisal Mayor Sadiq Abdullah left 5 days ago, asked for forgiveness

Barisal City Corporation (BCC) Mayor Serniabat Sadiq Abdullah has resigned five days ahead of schedule. At the same time, Panel No. 1 of the Fourth Parishad handed over the responsibility to Mayor Gazi Naimul Hossain Litu. After that, City Corporation employees sprinkled flowers and activists chanting slogans bid him farewell.

On Thursday (November 9) at 11:30 a.m., Sadiq Abdullah appeared at the city hall and signed the exemption letter. The exemption certificate was issued by the Minister of Local Government Rural Development and Cooperatives. Since the chief executive officer to the secretary and administrative officers were not present, the officials sent the resignation letter to the secretariat by e-mail.

After handing over responsibility, Sadiq Abdullah apologized to the city residents in a short speech in front of the city hall. At the same time, he called on the officials and employees of the city building to cooperate with the new mayor. He claimed to have paid everyone’s salary till his departure. He then walked from Nagar Bhavan to Kalibari Road Serniabat residence surrounded by leaders and activists.

Earlier in response to the questions of the journalists, Mayor Sadiq said that since tomorrow and the next day are Friday and Saturday, the newly elected mayor has only three days. He stepped down five days ago so as not to face any problems in formalizing the new mayor’s duties. Before this, he held a meeting of officials and employees on the occasion of the new mayor’s accession.

He asked the question, there is no chief executive officer and secretary in the city building – what will I do there?

Addressing the city residents, the former mayor said, forgive me if there are any mistakes. I was with the people of the city and will be in the future. The Prime Minister made me the General Secretary of the Metropolitan Awami League, to work for the people of the city. From there I have a responsibility to the city dwellers.

The former mayor then congratulated the new mayor. At the same time, the employees of the city building were asked to cooperate with the new mayor. He said that no mayor can work without their cooperation.

Addressing the new mayor, he said that the main challenge is to organize the administrative structure of the city building and make it free from corruption. He also urged to pay attention to the corruption of city buildings.

Swapan Kumar Das, who is in charge of the administrative officer, said that Serniabat Sadiq Abdullah applied to the local government minister and was relieved when contacted on mobile phone even though he was not present at the city hall. His discharge letter has been sent to the secretariat. After his discharge, Panel Mayor-1 will perform the duties of Acting Mayor as per routine.

Meanwhile, former mayor Serniabat Sadiq Abdullah, during his five-year tenure, conducted short-term office activities for 10 days in the mayor’s office in the city building. He left the room. After being elected as the mayor, he built another building in the Nagar Bhavan in his own office in the Annex Bhavan adjacent to Bibirpukur Par. Anyone from foreigners to seniors would meet in that room when they came to meet him. Apart from this, most of the time he used to manage the activities of the City Corporation from his Serniabat building on Kalibari Road.

Newly elected Mayor Abul Khair Abdullah Khokon Serniabat will take charge of the Mayor of Barisal City Corporation at 10 am on November 14. Extensive arrangements are being made for this.

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