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RAB’s 460 patrol teams are deployed across the country, delivering transport through Scott


(4 hours ago) Wednesday, November 8, 2023, 11:42 am

RAB’s 460 patrol teams are working to provide escort for long-distance mass and goods transport and to maintain the overall law and order situation across the country. Meanwhile, 160 patrol teams have been deployed in Dhaka.

Director of Law and Media Branch of RAB Commander Khandaker Al Moin told Manavzamin that RAB is working in coordination with local public representatives, local administration and law enforcement forces to maintain normal public life, ensure the safety of people’s lives and property, protect state assets and maintain law and order situation.

460 patrol teams of RAB are deployed across the country, including 160 patrols in the capital to prevent violence and vandalism by miscreants and self-interested groups. Also, robust patrolling by RAB forces is being conducted at important locations.

In the past, RAB has been conducting activities with increased intelligence surveillance to identify those involved in various types of violence and vandalism across the country, including arson on highways, vandalism and arson of public transport and private transport in different parts of the country including the capital, by analyzing CCTV footage, media and social media video footage and related information and bringing them under the law.

He said that RAB-13 escorted the oil lorry convoy from Chittagong to the oil depot in Rangpur today. Also, to provide security for passenger and goods transportation, RAB has provided long-distance public transport and goods transportation to the destination safely by providing escorts in different parts of the country. Our activities will continue.

The article is in Bengali


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