Seminar on democracy and human rights of Bangladesh was held

Seminar on democracy and human rights of Bangladesh was held
Seminar on democracy and human rights of Bangladesh was held

An international seminar on democracy and human rights in Bangladesh has been held jointly by European Parliament member Thomas Jedisky and ‘Study Circle London’. The seminar was held on November 7 in a room of the European Parliament in Brussels, the capital of Belgium.

The main organizer of the seminar was European Parliament Member Thomas Zedhyski and the organizer ‘Study Circle London’ spoke as a speaker at the seminar – European Parliament Member and Vice-Chairman of the Committee on Budgetary Control of the European Parliament on Employment and Social Affairs Thomas Zedhyski of Study Circle London Chairman Dr. Syed Mozammel Ali, the former chairman of the Human Rights Commission of Bangladesh. Mizanur Rahman and human rights lawyer Dr. Raihan Rashid.

In the seminar, the speakers shed light on the role of Bangladesh as the main commercial partner of the European Union, economic growth of Bangladesh, trade relations with the European Union. They said that the role of the European Union as a business partner of Bangladesh is very important. In 2020, 19.5 percent of Bangladesh’s total trade was done with the European Union.

Speakers cited the contribution of the garment industry as ‘significant’ as the key to Bangladesh’s development progress. They said that the GDP of Bangladesh has reached 416 billion US dollars in 2021 from 53 billion US dollars in 2000. In just two years, the GDP has grown almost eight times.

Thomas Jedisky said, ‘Bangladesh is transforming from an agricultural country to a fully industrialized country. Today, every region of Bangladesh has access to electricity. Bangladesh’s remarkable stability and rapid development have drawn comparisons to the country as the ‘South Asian Tiger’. He said that the present democratic government must be thanked for this unprecedented development of Bangladesh.

He stressed the importance of constructive dialogue. Appreciated the remarkable progress of Bangladesh. He also mentioned that such progress should be welcomed.

Thomas Jedisky emphasized on building a strong and reliable partnership with Bangladesh and also talked about the upcoming general elections in Bangladesh. He said with confidence that democracy will win in Bangladesh.

The European Union has strong relations and mutual trust with Bangladesh, which indicates a strong partnership – said the member of the European Parliament.

The seminar highlighted the economic growth of Bangladesh, trade relations with the EU and the need for constructive dialogue.

The seminar was attended by, among others, Sarah Bugeza, Advisor to MEP Mergulho S&D, Veronika Horudova, Advisor to MEP Saranjoba Renew, EP External Affairs Officer Lotte Peters, Secretary to MEP Stefanek Diana Czejova, former MEP Paolo Kasaka, INTA Secretariat Officer Paloma Servin, Felix Election Observation Department Advisor Sarah Marques, EP Economic Policy Department Officer Jordan De Bono, European Parliament Member Group Secretariat Officer Sabrina Nejem, EP Human Rights Officer Simona Byszkoska, European Reporters Forum Political Affairs Editor Nick Powell, EP Outreach Officer Alexia Ruska Markoris, Bangladesh Ambassador to Brussels Mahabub Hasan Saleh, European Parliament Asia and Australia Officer Nadia Sabattini, ECR Policy Adviser Miguel Todelano, European Parliament Human Rights Officer Maggie Huynh, EPP Secretariat Officer Mark Van Kranenberg, European Parliamentary Finance Officer Zuzanna Hebdzinska, EPP Press Officer Jan Osuch, European Parliament Asia and Australia Head Niccolo Rinaldi, Willem van der Geest, Tajin Mahnaj, Belgian politicians Maxime Vandekerkhove and Anna Abdi, Engineer Hasnat Miah, Shahidul Islam Shahid, Ansar Ali. , Golam Jilani, General Secretary of Study Circle London, Jamal Khan, Sohail Khan, Dr. Saima Mustafa, Ismail Khan and others.


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