Dozens of leaders joined Trinamool BNP

Dozens of leaders joined Trinamool BNP
Dozens of leaders joined Trinamool BNP

Joining Trinamool BNP and discussion program was held at Jatiya Press Club. Several dozen former leaders from different political parties including BNP and Jatiya Party from different districts of the country joined Trinamool BNP in the event. However, although they are not that well-known faces, retired Colonel Sabbir Ahmed has joined the Trinamool BNP.

On Wednesday (November 8) at noon at the National Press Club, the Trinamool BNP meeting and discussion program was organized.

Chairman of the party Shamser Mobin Chowdhury said that Trinamool BNP will take part in the upcoming National Assembly elections. He said, we are preparing for the elections. I hope that I can give candidates for 300 parliamentary seats.

This former leader of BNP said, we do not believe in arson and arson. There is no solution by terrorizing the fire. At the same time, we do not want logi-vaitha violence.

Referring to the ongoing blockade program of BNP, Trinamool BNP General Secretary Advocate Timur Alam Khandkar said, I once did BNP politics. Not everyone is involved in arson. It is not right to blame everyone for this. Action should be taken against those who are actually involved.

Regarding the politics of Trinamool BNP, he said, the politics of Trinamool BNP will be like this – the center will go to Trinamool. The welfare of the people will be the main goal of our politics.

In the event, the senior vice chairperson of the party, Major (Retd.) Dr. Sheikh Habibur Rahman and other newly joined Trinamool BNP leaders spoke.

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