Jails are overcrowded, holding double capacity


Dhaka Central Jail Senior Jail Superintendent Subhash Kumar Ghosh Prothom-aloWho said, according to the rules, there are three times the number of prisoners. A prisoner needs enough space, as they live in captivity. He said that the number of prison guards is also less. Because of this, it has become somewhat difficult to manage prisoners.

BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir along with senior leaders and many leaders-activists are in Dhaka Central Jail. Ruhul Kabir Rizvi, the party’s senior joint secretary general, complained in a press conference on November 1 that the plight of BNP leaders and workers in jail is at an extreme. He said that BNP leaders who were once ministers and members of parliament are not being given division. They are detained inside the cell even during the day.

Dhaka Central Jail Senior Jail Superintendent Subhash Kumar Ghosh on the matter Prothom-aloK said, ‘Those who are eligible for division, must be given. We give everyone his due. We are not torturing anyone.’

According to Kashimpur High Security Central Jail authorities, the inmate capacity is 1,000. There are like two and a half thousand. Jail Superintendent Subrata Kumar Bala of the jail Prothom-aloWho said that there should be one prisoner in each cell of the high security prison. But there are more than twice as many. So two or three people have to be kept in each cell. He said, ‘We don’t have enough manpower to provide their security, we don’t have doctors.’

Women prisoners are also suffering. Kashimpur Women’s Jail has a capacity of 200 inmates and 621 inmates.

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