Will not allow anyone to do business without a trade license: Tapas


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November 7, 2023 18:48

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Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) Mayor Sheikh Fazle Noor Tapas said, “We will not allow anyone to do business in Dhaka city without commercial permission.” He warned to take action against those who do business without license.

He said this at the revenue conference at DSCC head office Nagar Bhavan on Tuesday (November 7).

Sheikh Tapas said that if someone conducts business activities without a commercial license (trade license), whether it is a private institution, a famous market or an important establishment, then those establishments-markets should be sealed. Must croak. If you create some such examples, the others will also sit down. That is why I am instructing our regional executive officers to show more strictness. We will not allow anyone to do business in Dhaka city without commercial permission.

Stating that strict action will be taken against those who fail to serve the people without harassment, the DSCC Mayor said, “But we do not want to put even a single rotten mango in the basket.” As you know, we are throwing away rotten mangoes and will continue to throw away more rotten mangoes. It is an ongoing process.

He also said, “My grandmother used to say that if there is one rotten mango in the basket, the rest will also rot.” First, the mangoes have to be kept down from the mango basket. Then put the good ones in the basket. The rotten mangoes should be thrown away. So those who still have rotten mangoes or those who think otherwise, cannot stay here. There is no scope for any kind of negligence, negligence from here.

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