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Not only students and teachers of BUET, students and teachers of other universities could also use this computer of BUET for free. Many students from different parts of the country used to come for thesis or research work. Sir arranged to give them computer service free of charge. However, the business had to pay a small amount to get the service. With this money, about six-seven years later, he bought another computer, an IBM 4331, entirely on his own.
Buet. This is how computerization began in this region, which slowly spread throughout the country.

How many other things would you have done sir? Like this Prothom-aloMath Olympiad with He was the President of Mathematics Olympiad. He was the Vice-Chancellor of BRAC University and Asia Pacific University. Adviser to Caretaker Government in 1996. Sir loved sports. He played good cricket. He was a member of the cricket team. He used to do film club. Sudoku was his favorite. often Prothom-aloHe used to call and tell Sudoku mistakes.

In 2004 Jamilur Reza Chowdhury spoke about three dreams in the closing phase of the Math Festival. First dream, Bangladesh medal in International Mathematics Olympiad by 2010. That dream has come true. The second dream is to win the Nobel ‘Fields Medal’ in Mathematics by a Bangladeshi within 2022. The third dream is a Nobel medal for a Bangladeshi scientist within 2030. His last two dreams are still elusive, the next generation will surely come forward to fulfill them.

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