Body of former security personnel from Chabir forest

Body of former security personnel from Chabir forest
Body of former security personnel from Chabir forest

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Chittagong University: The body of the former security guard was recovered from the bamboo grove behind the Chabi Engineering Faculty.

The body was recovered by the police on Tuesday (November 7) around 5 pm.

Before this, Jagadish Rudra, a sweeper of the engineering faculty, saw the dead body in the bamboo grove around 3:30 pm.

It is known that Monir Ahmed was a former security guard of Chabi.

Age approx 75. The house is in Banskhali upazila of Chittagong. He lived with his family in the colony in front of Chabir Science Faculty. He retired two years ago. Apart from that, he often used to go back and forth behind the faculty to cut bamboo and collect wood.

Monir Ahmed’s son, guard of the law faculty of the university. Tarek Mia said, father went out after Asr prayer yesterday. He did not return home after that. The father’s body was found around 3:30 this afternoon. Sweeper Jagadish of the Faculty of Engineering said at home. Later I came and saw my father’s dead body.

Eyewitness Jagdish Rudra said, I left the faculty’s water motor and looked back and saw that the bush was empty. The road is done. As I came forward a little, I saw a person’s feet. Then my colleague Kajal Rudra was called and if the body looked like Monir’s brother, we took a picture and showed it to his daughter. Later his daughter identified her father’s body.

University proctor Dr. Mohammad Nurul Azim Sikder said, the police came and recovered the body. We do not know how the death occurred. Death occurred in the forest. There will be a wrongful death case for this. However, the OC will decide whether to conduct an autopsy or not.

Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Hathajari Police Station Moniruzzaman said, it is believed that he died of heart disease. But it is not clear because of the death in the bamboo grove. So the son should file a wrongful death suit as the plaintiff. The body will then be handed over to the family after post-mortem to reveal the exact cause.

Bangladesh Time: 1820 hours, November 07, 2023

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