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Troubled Batiaghata Upazila Health Complex

Troubled Batiaghata Upazila Health Complex
Troubled Batiaghata Upazila Health Complex

The septic tank of the hospital burst and the garbage spread on the road. These wastes are flowing to the chamber. Unable to stay in the office, the staff are leaving the boundary of the complex with cloths on their faces before the specified time. Patients are suffocating. For the past one week, Batiaghata Upazila Health Complex has been in such a dire situation, but there is no effective remedy. However, the health and family planning officer who is in charge of the management. Md. Mizanur Rahman is busy with his own chamber outside the hospital. He is also accused of using government vehicles to travel to and from the chamber. In the name of meeting of district, division and capital Dhaka, this officer is seen to be absent from the complex square every time. Although this post of public health protection is a residential post, he lives in the district town. The same is the case with the rest of the hospital staff. No one stays even though there is accommodation. As a result, even though the office work time is fixed at 9 am, they often come to the office by 10 am. And on most days he leaves the upazila before 2 pm. Sadar Union Awami League General Secretary Manas Pal said that even if the health and family planning officer is a servant, permission is required to enter his room. Patients do not receive real services. Instead of staying in the complex premises, he is doing private chambers in Phultala and Batiaghata upazilas from the metropolis. Upazila Health Officer Dr. When contacted Mizanur Rahman, he dismissed all the allegations against him as false.

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