BNP leaders and activists are not leaving the field even after being caught

BNP leaders and activists are not leaving the field even after being caught
BNP leaders and activists are not leaving the field even after being caught

Trinamool leaders and activists are not leaving the field of the movement despite widespread arrests and police raids in Chittagong. Police have registered 13 cases in the city in the last 10 days after the violent incident in the capital Dhaka on October 28. Hundreds of BNP activists have been accused in these cases. 250 people have been arrested in these cases, including 15 others, till Tuesday morning. The leaders of Nagar BNP say that the police continued to raid the homes of activists, supporters and even their relatives. Not getting activists, their relatives are being harassed. Mistreatment of women and elderly parents of activists.
Idris Ali, who is in charge of the city BNP office, said that the government has continued to systematically harass BNP to keep it away from the movement to restore people’s right to vote. But the party leaders are not afraid of it. Grassroots activists and supporters are on the streets, their participation in every program of the democratic movement, including strikes and blockades, is increasing day by day. He also said that the government will not be saved by arrest and torture.
BNP leaders allege that the police in Chittagong, like the capital city Dhaka, are filing cases against the workers of BNP leaders in absentia. In the last 24 hours, more than 15 leaders and activists of BNP and its affiliated organizations have been arrested. A total of 13 cases including 1 each in Chandgaon, Panchlaish, Khulshi, EPZ, Pahartali, Kotwali, Halishahar, Patenga Police Station, 3 in Bayezid Bostami Police Station and 2 in Akbar Shah Police Station have been filed till yesterday. The police continued to search the houses of BNP leaders and activists in the name of arresting the accused in these cases. In addition to the metropolis, the police continued to arrest activists in 15 upazilas of the district in cases of disappearance. Thousands of leaders and activists without homes for fear of police harassment.
In a statement from the BNP in the city yesterday, it was said that the government started mass arrests in Chittagong after being afraid of the movement of one side of the BNP demanding the resignation of the government. No one is being spared from the grassroots to the national level. They have undertaken the process of making the country devoid of opposition parties in the name of making a joke in the name of elections. As a part of this, Awami League is putting the blame on BNP by doing various kinds of sabotage. So all the leaders and activists should be careful in the blockade program of BNP. The blockade program must be carried out peacefully. Meanwhile, in support of the blockade, the leaders and activists of BNP and their affiliates and affiliated organizations held protest marches, rallies and road meetings in various areas of the city last night.

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