Who is joining Trinamool BNP?

Who is joining Trinamool BNP?
Who is joining Trinamool BNP?

A gathering and discussion meeting has been organized by Trinamool BNP in view of the upcoming national elections. The event will be held at the National Press Club Auditorium at 10 am on Wednesday (08 November).

A press release signed by Trinamool BNP Vice Chairperson Salam Mahmud on Tuesday night (07 November) informed that numerous leaders and activists of various political parties, retired army officers, journalists, lawyers from all over the country will officially join Trinamool BNP.

Trinamool BNP Co-Chairperson KA Jahangir Mazmadar presided over the function where Party Chairperson Shamser Mobin Chowdhury will be the chief guest, Executive Chairperson Antara Selima Hooda will be the special guest and General Secretary Taimur Alam Khandkar will be the main speaker.

BNP is adamant in its decision not to go to the elections under the Sheikh Hasina government. However, Information and Broadcasting Minister and Awami League Joint General Secretary Hasan Mahmud believes that leaders from BNP will participate in the election. At a peace rally organized by Dhaka Metropolitan South Awami League last Monday, Hashan Mahmud said that many people are standing in line to join the Trinamool.

After the information minister’s speech, there has been a kind of curiosity in the political arena about who is joining the Trinamool BNP in this joining ceremony.

A top level leader of Trinamool BNP said that the work of forming their committees in different districts is going on. In districts where there are no committees, leaders of various parties including BNP will join Trinamool BNP. Committees of those districts will be formed with them.

However, it was not possible to know whether anyone from the central committee of BNP will attend the joining ceremony.

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