25 percent of patients will get a free heart ring at the Heart Institute

25 percent of patients will get a free heart ring at the Heart Institute
25 percent of patients will get a free heart ring at the Heart Institute

Health Minister Zahid Malek has announced that 25 percent of heart rings (stents) will be given free of cost to National Heart Institute and Hospitals. He announced this in the speech of the chief guest at the inauguration of the staff quarter of the National Heart Institute Hospital in the capital on Tuesday afternoon.

The health minister said that most of the patients suffering from heart disease have to sell their houses and have to put rings and replace valves. We will soon provide free 25 percent stents in this hospital for the convenience of patients. Even at one point I will give all the stents free in this hospital. 9,000 rings are implanted in the National Heart Hospital every year. Here only 600 rings are given free by the government, which is a very small amount. 35 thousand rings are used in the country annually.

Zahid Malek said, about 70 percent of patients die of non-communicable diseases in the country. 20 percent of them are affected by heart disease. In the country, 150,000 people a year, 12,000 a month, 400 a day die due to heart disease. We magnify it when 10-20 people die during Corona, but we do not give much importance to the fact that so many people are dying of heart disease daily.

He said that 36 crore people are receiving services in government hospitals alone. If there was no trust in government hospitals, people would not come for treatment in government hospitals if they did not get treatment. Despite more than doubling the beds in all hospitals, people are being treated on the floor for lack of space.

“16 thousand doctors have been appointed in the last five years. But in the previous 45 years, there were only 15 thousand doctors. 20,000 nurses have been recruited, thousands of people have also been recruited for other positions. Many new institutes, hospitals, medical colleges and medical universities have been created. All these are the contribution of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

The minister said that these are being done to increase the medical services of the people. But there are many negative criticisms. But as the number of people in the country is very high, it is criticized for treating such a large number of people. However, there is not much discussion about the many good things that are being done in health.

Under the chairmanship of Director of National Heart Institute and Hospital, Mir Jamal Uddin, Additional Secretary of Health Akhtaruzzaman, Secretary General of Independent Medical Council (SWACHI) Professor Kamrul Hasan Milan, Additional Director General (Administration) of Directorate of Health Rashida Akhtar spoke as special guests.

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