Students are sweet as the VC period is over

Students are sweet as the VC period is over
Students are sweet as the VC period is over

Barisal: Vice Chancellor of Barisal University. As Chadekul Arefin’s term ended, students distributed sweets in the campus to mark his farewell.

Student Amit Hasan Raktim said sweets were distributed among them after noon on Monday (06 November).

Treasurer Professor of Barisal University. Mohammad Badruzzaman Bhuiyan said, I heard such a news that students distributed sweets. I don’t know why. No comment on this.

He said the students expressed their reactions either for a reason.

The treasurer also said that the VC of Barisal University came for four years. He joined Rajshahi University on Monday as the term was not renewed.

Student Amit Hasan Raktim said that the students distributed sweets in two rounds to celebrate the end of the tenure of VC Chadekul Arefin. No one was happy with his performance as VC. So everyone expressed that fact by distributing sweets. He also said that 700 sweets have been distributed in two phases.

During the distribution of sweets, Salah Uddin, a student of marketing department, said that if anyone took any demands to the outgoing VC, he would not take any initiative to solve them.

Anwar Hossain, a student of the Department of Botany, said that the outgoing VC has ruined the reputation of the university by getting involved with local politics. Because of this, he could not take flowers from any student during his farewell.

Iraj Rabbani, a student of the management department, said that Barisal University, which is plagued by various crises, has deteriorated more than improved during the tenure of this vice-chancellor. There has been no development in Barisal University in the last four years. On his departure, university students spontaneously distributed sweets.

Dr. The notification for the appointment of Chadekul Arefin as Vice-Chancellor was issued on November 3, 2019. He was appointed as VC and joined on November 6. The news of his departure from the campus on November 6 at the end of his four-year tenure was confirmed by the university’s public relations office. The general students of the university expressed joy at this news. Students wrote and posted various comments on the social media about the departure of the vice-chancellor.

Bangladesh Time: 0841 hours, November 07, 2023


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