The inhumane life of hundreds of government officials and employees who are deprived of retirement allowance in Barisal


Hundreds of retired officers and employees of the now-defunct T&T Board in the southern region have been suffering with their families for the last few months without getting their retirement allowance. Many are living a very inhumane life with their families. Even the education of many children of retired S government employees is on the verge of closure. Since September, the orthodox among these officials could not even perform the biggest religious festival, Durga Puja, without getting their pension money. During Lakshmi Puja, Lakshmi did not enter the house. Even after serving the government for a long time, it has become difficult for these retired officials and employees to live a healthy life.
These retired officers-employees joined the service of T&T Board. Retired from BTCL. BTCL converted into T&T board company will have to run on its own income, the government said. As a result, the company is reluctant to take on the pension liability of retired employees among those joining the T&T Board. Hitherto the payment of pension to the retired employees of T&T was dependent on the government’s wholesale budget. But after last September, he did not meet Baradwa.
As a result, Barisal Divisional Accounts Controller’s Office has stopped the payment of retirement allowance to more than 300 employees of the defunct T&T Board in the region. Like other government institutions, the retired officers and employees of the former T&T Board and the present BTCL were getting their retirement allowance from the Finance Department of the Ministry of Finance till now. At the end of the month, these allowances from the offices of the district and departmental finance and accounts departments under the ministry were being paid into the ‘Electronic Fund Transfer-EFT’ system as the bank of the employees. As a result, the pensioners do not have to suffer harassment at the end of the month by protesting against the district and upazila accounting offices.
In this regard, Barisal Divisional Controller of Accounts and Accounts Officers of various districts were discussed and they said that BTCL has stopped paying retirement allowance to these officers and employees. As a result, due to lack of funds, the payment of retirement allowance to retired T&T employees across the country has stopped. He also said that with the provision of funds from the government, retirement allowance will be provided to these workers.
Meanwhile, several retired officers and employees of BTCL have reported that they have been living carelessly for the past few months without getting their retirement allowance. Due to lack of money, many people are on the verge of closing even the treatment. Many are unable to even marry their sons and daughters due to lack of money. Even due to lack of money, Durga Puja was not enjoyed in the homes of many Sanatan religious people this time. Not even Lakshmi Puja. Many have also reported that the owner of the house is not able to pay the rent. Many families are on the brink of regular sustenance. Many said that these employees of the now-defunct T&T Board in Barisal are not able to provide three meals a day to their children without getting their retirement allowance in the midst of unbridled fire prices of daily commodities. 7-11-2023.

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