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Jamaat’s statement to make the blockade successful

Jamaat’s statement to make the blockade successful
Jamaat’s statement to make the blockade successful

Resignation of the government, formation of the election caretaker government, Ameer Jamaat Dr. The 48-hour strike called by Jamaat is starting from tomorrow to demand the release of all the royal prisoners including Shafiqur Rahman, withdrawal of false cases and bringing the price of goods within the purchasing power of people. The party called for the two-day blockade program to be successful in an orderly and peaceful manner.

Acting Secretary General of Jamaat Maulana ATM Ma’chum said these things in a statement on Tuesday (November 7).

He said that the anti-government movement is ongoing. Since the announcement of the program, the government has continued its nationwide crackdown. The government is obstructing the peaceful program of establishing constitutional, democratic and fundamental human rights of the opposition parties by resorting to various conspiracies and tactics. A despicable conspiracy is being made to suppress the movement by keeping the top leaders of the opposition in jail. Numerous leaders and activists are being arrested and detained with false and fabricated cases. A one-sided election plot is being created by depriving the opposition party of its leadership. Unsuccessful attempts are being made to suppress the movement by intimidation.

He said that the backs of the oppressed people, who are victims of the government’s torture, are against the wall. It seems that the government is plotting to usurp power this time through fraudulent elections like in the past.

Addressing the government, he said, the people will resist any wrongful attempt of one-sided elections, inshallah.

Calling for spontaneous participation in all the anti-government programs of ATM Machum, he said to the conscious countrymen that the government cannot fall into any kind of trap. One must always be alert to government conspiracies and continue the agitation until an electoral caretaker government is installed.

He also said that for the greater interest of the country and the nation, I call upon the people of Jamaat-e-Islami, the leaders and activists of the opposition parties and the struggling masses of the country to make the two-day consecutive 48-hour blockade program orderly and peaceful.

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