Sefudar case verdict announced

Sefudar case verdict announced
Sefudar case verdict announced

The tribunal has acquitted Sefatullah alias Sefudar Beksu, who was discussed in the Digital Security Act case. On Tuesday (November 7), Dhaka’s cyber tribunal judge AM Zulfikar Hayat gave this verdict after reviewing the testimony. Cefuda was absconding in this case.

On April 23, 2019, Dhaka Bar lawyer Alim Al Razi (Life) filed this case in the Bangladesh Cyber ​​Tribunal Court. The court accepted the statement of the plaintiff and directed the counter-terrorism unit of the police to investigate and submit a report. After the investigation of the case complaint, on September 10 of the same year, the investigating officer of the case filed a report against Sub-Inspector Perth Pratim Brahmachari Sefat Ullah of the Counter-Terrorism and Transnational Crime Unit as the crime under section 25/29/31 of the Digital Security Act 2018 was proved. The tribunal accepted the investigation report and issued an arrest warrant against Cefuda on September 29, 2019. Later, on January 19, 2022, the court ordered the trial to begin by framing a complaint against him.

According to the chargesheet in the case, the accused Sefat Ullah Sefuda uploaded several videos online multiple times in different ways, which went viral. He has hurt religious sentiments through these videos. Abusing many including Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in various ugly, obscene and offensive profanity, which is offensive, false or intimidating, publishing information, publishing defamatory information and creating discord between multiple groups. As a result, law and order in the country has deteriorated. Which includes offenses under section 25/29/31 of Digital Security Act 2018.

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