Blinken is visiting Japan international

Blinken is visiting Japan international
Blinken is visiting Japan international

Blinken is visiting Japan

Tokyo, November 7, 2023 (Bass Desk) : US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken arrived in Japan on Tuesday for the G-7 Foreign Ministers’ Meeting. The Israel-Hamas war is expected to dominate their MFF meeting. News from AFP.
After a surprise visit to the Middle East, Blinken arrived in Tokyo for two days of talks. However, he did not comment on the visit.
According to Israeli authorities, at least 1,400 people were killed in a deadly attack by Hamas on October 7, targeting a concert and several homes in Israel from the Gaza Strip. Most of those killed in Hamas attacks were civilians. Israel blockaded Gaza and carried out massive bombings after Hamas indiscriminately shot and burned and took more than 230 people hostage in the first day of the attack.
According to the latest figures from the Hamas Health Ministry in Gaza, over 10,000 Palestinian civilians have lost their lives in Israeli attacks in Gaza in retaliation for Hamas attacks. There are more than four thousand children among them.
Thousands of buildings have collapsed and more than half of the population has been displaced by Israeli forces there.
A ceasefire between Israel and Hamas has been called for by various UN agencies as well as many countries around the world.
Israel’s main ally, the United States, did not support the calls of these organizations and countries, insisting that Israel has the right to respond to Hamas attacks. However, Washington has called for an end to the fighting.
During a visit to Turkey on Monday, Blinken said Washington was working “very vigorously” to increase aid to trapped civilians.
Without giving details, Blinken said, in this case, “I think the aid will increase significantly in the coming days.”

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