If it doesn’t start a fire, put it out, don’t spread it


Apart from this, the police has revealed the confession of a person. His name is Md. Jamal Hossain. He told the police that he was the leader of the Dhaka College Chhatra Dal. He was also handed over by the bus conductor. Whether or not the statement of a suspected criminal in custody can be publicized by the police is debatable. But the opposition party is not doing anything about those who are being complained about.

Surprisingly, both parties are blaming each other. But they don’t seem to have made any effort to keep their leaders and workers away from violence, rather there is incitement. As stated by the top level of the government, if you see arson, you should throw it in the fire or burn it. Of course, there is no guidance as to who will be responsible for this work.

The question arises, is this the responsibility of those who are shouting slogans to slaughter the opposition party workers with big sticks? Before the BNP rally on October 28, Dhaka South Mayor Sheikh Fazle Noor Tapas said, ’28th is an ordeal for us. As we protected democracy with Logi-Baitha, we will protect democracy on October 28 too.’

And BNPO talks about history when it comes to 2014 arson. It aired a commentary on what Awami League leader Sheikh Fazlul Karim Salim had said about the burning of a passenger bus in front of the Sheraton during the army-backed caretaker government.

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