Why are bees in tea shops in Dhaka, what are the symptoms?


According to a study published in March this year by the Department of Urban and Regional Planning of Bangladesh University of Engineering (BUET), there is a need to have 20 percent green areas in Dhaka, but there is less than 8 and a half percent.

Experts say that because there are not enough plants and flowers in Dhaka, bees are in a food crisis. With food shortages in nature, bees are turning to artificial foods like sugar in tea shops.

Mohammad Sakhawat Hossain, professor of entomology department of Sherebangla Agricultural University in the capital, has researched the behavior of bees during fatigue. Referring to the shortage of food for bees in nature, he told Prothom Alo that there are not many plants in Dhaka city. When the plant has flowers, they can gather food. When flowers are not available, they turn to artificial sources such as sugar, honey, and sweets.

The bees seen in Bangabandhu Avenue and Ramna are relatively small in size. The bees in the areas where honey is collected are quite large in size. These bees are tied to the wheel.

Professor of Zoology Department of Dhaka University. Aminul Islam Bhuiyan told Prothom Alo that there are several species of bees in the country. Some species of bees live in small groups. They don’t give honey, they eat what they gather themselves. Some of these species are prone to artificial substances such as bee sugar. However, some experts believe that bees generally do not turn to artificial food if there is enough food in nature.

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