What does Bangladesh Bank want to prove with the recruitment exam?

What does Bangladesh Bank want to prove with the recruitment exam?
What does Bangladesh Bank want to prove with the recruitment exam?

When there is a political blockade, bus fires are going on in the country, during this blockade, the bankers selection committee is preparing to organize job tests by bringing hundreds of thousands of boys and girls from all over the country to Dhaka. So what is the meaning of putting job candidates at risk? And if the blockade continues until 6 am on Friday, November 10, how will nearly two and a quarter lakh boys and girls arrive before 10 am and sit for the exam? How will they come from different parts of the country? This test should be suspended immediately.

I will tell the Bangladesh Bank and Bankers Selection Committee, well, would you leave your children in this siege? So what do you think the final notice and seat plan of the recruitment examination for the position of senior officer? Have you ever thought how will two million boys and girls come?

I am currently out of the country for an international meeting of a United Nations organization. But in the last 24 hours I have received hundreds of messages from boys and girls. Everyone is worried. They asked me to write about it. It’s a shame we have to write about everything. have to protest. Well our authorities can not catch the crisis or do not want to understand?

You may say that the blockade ends at 6 am and the exam ends at 10 am. But the problem is that if the exam is to be given on Friday morning, then they have to leave on the previous Thursday day or night. Blockade on Thursday. So how do they come? Where will you get the bus? Think about girls. Think about those who have children.

If the bankers selection committee thinks that they want to prove that everything is normal by taking the exam amid this political blockade, then I say if you want to take the exam forcefully, hundreds of thousands of boys and girls may risk their lives, many may not come, but if some of those who come will have an accident. Who will take responsibility for what happened? And how will they test this suffering and anxiety? Well what parent would put their children at such risk? So request to authorities, please postpone this exam.

Another suggestion. I don’t think this political unrest in the country will end very soon. Therefore, all recruitment tests should be suspended till the elections. See in this country government institutions take 3-4 years for each recruitment. Recruitment takes another year after the release of results. Many recruitments are pending including Rupali Bank. So there will be no such problem if you take the test after few months.

However, if the Bankers Selection Committee feels that they will be at a huge disadvantage if they do not take the exam before the election, then they can take the exam on any Saturday before the election. Then maybe children can leave on Friday and come on Saturday to take the exam.

We hope that Bangladesh Bank and Bankers Selection Committee will consider the issues humanely and postpone the examination on Friday. Similarly, I am demanding suspension of all recruitment exams including BCS during this blockade. Hope all our authorities will come to their senses.

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