Awami League leader picks up college student, tries to marry her


The name of the victim college student is Taijul Islam (21). He is the son of Abdul Halim of Yusufpur village of Charghat upazila of Rajshahi. Taijul is a first year graduate student of Rajshahi Government City College. His first year final exam is going on. As Abu Sama was detained in the office, he had to enter the examination center half an hour late yesterday.

Taijul’s father Abdul Halim told Prothom Alo that Taijul was riding an autorickshaw to college yesterday afternoon. At Katakhali Bazar, Abu Sama and his men forced Taijul out of the auto-rickshaw and took him to his office. He was detained there. Abu Sama told Taizul at that time that he has a love relationship with a girl. The girl should get married now. Otherwise he will not be released. Abdul Halim alleged that when he tried to rescue his son, he was also detained.

Abdul Halim claimed that the girl studied in a college in Charghat. Taijul has no contact with him since two years. Now his son was arrested to extort money. After receiving a call from a police officer, Abu Sama released him. Taijul was beaten. He had to be treated at Rajshahi Medical College Hospital. He complained, “The girl’s family made Abu Sama money.” They have promised to give her 5 to 10 lakh rupees if needed. It was for this money that Abu Sama used to cheat his son’s examination and get him married.’

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