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The United States is monitoring the election environment

The United States is monitoring the election environment
The United States is monitoring the election environment

US State Department Assistant Press Secretary Vedant Patel said that the United States is closely and continuously monitoring the environment of Bangladesh’s national elections to be held in January. He also said that these incidents are being monitored seriously by the United States.

In the regular press briefing on Monday (November 6), he clearly said, ‘The United States does not support any particular political party.’

On October 28, BNP leaders attacked the residence of the Chief Justice and killed a policeman. In continuation of this, BNP has been carrying out continuous hartal-blockade program. In these programs, the blockaders set fire to several vehicles. The news of the death of several transport workers has also come in the media. Evidence of direct involvement of BNP leaders and workers in these incidents of violence, including fire connection, has already emerged in the police investigation.

In the briefing, Khaleda Zia’s former assistant press secretary Mushfiq Fazal Ansari, who supported the BNP, clearly stated, “Washington is working with all parties including the government and the opposition parties for free and fair elections.”

Meanwhile, none of the parties opened their mouths about what was discussed in the nearly two-hour long meeting at Saber Hossain Chowdhury’s residence.

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