National Constitution Day celebration at the Bangladesh Permanent Mission to the United Nations

National Constitution Day celebration at the Bangladesh Permanent Mission to the United Nations
National Constitution Day celebration at the Bangladesh Permanent Mission to the United Nations

National Constitution Day was observed at the Bangladesh Permanent Mission to the United Nations. The speech of the President and Prime Minister was read at the beginning of the National Constitution Day held on Monday local time. Ambassador Mohammad Abdul Muhith, Permanent Representative of Bangladesh to the United Nations, gave the keynote speech.

In his speech, the permanent representative highlighted the context of the constitution and said that the constitution is the highest law and sacred document of Bangladesh. It is our national responsibility to uphold its dignity. His speech brought out the special features of our constitution, which gave our constitution the status of one of the best constitutions in the world.

Ambassador Muhith said, our constitution is an extract of the glorious history of our final victory after 23 years of political struggle and 9 months of great liberation war under the magical leadership of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Through the formulation of this constitution, the father of the nation gave the people’s rule to the country that day. It has ensured the fundamental rights of people. It has laid the foundation for establishing justice, equality and rule of law in the society.’

Regarding the importance of observing the National Constitution Day, the Permanent Representative said, Our Constitution is the foundation of our state governance, our foreign policy and its implementation. This constitution has all the clear guidelines on how Bangladesh can be made into a happy-rich golden bangla of Bangabandhu’s dream in the future by establishing good rule of law in the country. So we should always follow the Constitution in our actions and thoughts, urged Ambassador Muhith.

Mission Minister Shahanara Monika presented an essay titled ‘Women’s Rights in the Constitution of Bangladesh’ at the event. He highlighted the role of Razia Banu, the only woman member of the then Constitution Drafting Committee, in making our constitution women-friendly. Minister Monika said, Razia Banu played a special role in ensuring equal rights of men and women in all areas of the state in our constitution. Apart from this, Razia Banu also contributed to the incorporation of important issues related to right to speedy and public trial, rights of minorities, freedom of movement.” After the presentation by Minister Shahnara Monika, other officers of the mission participated in the open discussion session.

The negotiators said that the constitution of Bangladesh is not only our highest law, but it also outlines the country’s boundaries, administrative foundation, judicial department, legal department and all related aspects of state administration, which is a complete and unique state document. The program was conducted by Fahim Farhan, Head of Embassy of the Mission.

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