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Fire in a covered van in Narayanganj national


Fire in covered van in Narayanganj

Narayanganj, November 7, 2023 (BASS): Miscreants set fire to a covered van parked at Shah Cement on Dhaka-Narayanganj Link Road. The incident took place in front of the district registry office in Fatulla’s Kayempur area at 9:30 pm on Monday.
Zillur Rahman, the driver of the covered van, said that Shah Cement Factory’s own (Dhaka Metro-U11-1508) covered van was coming back to Narsingdi from Narsingdi when it encountered an engine problem in front of the Narayanganj District Registry Office. I was looking for Mistry by parking the car on the side of the road. Then a micro came and parked in front of my car. Meanwhile, 6/7 people ran from behind and set fire to my car, got into the front micro and ran away. Later, a fire service unit arrived and brought the fire under control.
In this regard, Fatulla Model Police Station OC Noore Azam said, when the miscreants were fleeing in a black colored Noa Micro Yog by setting the covered van on fire, a team of our police chased them. On the way, the miscreants jumped from the micro and ran away. Then the police arrested the micro along with the driver. The driver is being questioned. Details will be given later.

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