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BNPE will be eliminated if violence continues

BNPE will be eliminated if violence continues
BNPE will be eliminated if violence continues

Dhaka: Awami League has taken the strategy of suppressing the ongoing movement of BNP by putting pressure from both administrative and political aspects. Awami League leaders said that it has already been possible to corner the party through all these steps.

Not only that, in this situation, if the BNP blockade and arson and violent incidents continue in the name of the movement, the party’s politics will also be eradicated by the ruling party.

The violence started with the BNP’s general meeting in Dhaka on October 28 and is still ongoing. After the mass gathering, the party went on a two-phase strike and blockade. After this, Tuesday (November 7) took a break and announced the third round of blockade on Wednesday and Thursday. It is heard that this blockade program of BNP will continue in the future. Since the incident of October 28, more than 100 cases have been filed and more than 5,000 BNP leaders and workers have been arrested.

On Monday (November 6), the last day of BNP’s second phase of blockade, the public life in the capital began to return to a much normal level compared to the previous day, which was quite visible. Awami League and its affiliated organizations continued to stand against the blockade and were active on the streets and a large number of leaders and activists of the party held marches and rallies in different places of the capital. Law and order security forces are also taking a strict stand. The field activities of Awami League leaders will continue in the future as already announced.

Meanwhile, the activities of BNP activists on the ground were not visible except for two isolated marches in support of their blockade. Despite announcing the blockade program, the party is unable to take the field in support of it. Due to the occurrence of violent incidents centered on the program, the law and order forces of the government and the ruling party have resisted. In this situation, the stalemate created by the blockade has started to break. However, the fear that has been going on among people for a few days has not gone away. Because incidents of sudden attacks, vandalism and setting fire to vehicles happened on Monday as well. After Mercury and Jupiter, it is heard that more blockade programs may follow.

It is known from several sources of Awami League and the government that the policy makers of Awami League think that if they try to immobilize the country with continuous blockade or destructive activities even after the situation of BNP has reached, the policy makers of Awami League will be eliminated.

Awami League leaders and government ministers say that BNP Choragupta has chosen the path of attack. Such incidents may increase. That is why the vigilance of the law and order forces has been increased to protect the country from bad environment. 228 platoon BGB has been deployed to control the law and order situation across the country including Dhaka.

Sources related to the government said, moreover, if BNP continues such activities after the announcement of the election schedule, the law and order forces of the government will also take a stricter stance. And that preparation is also kept.

When asked about this, Awami League presidium member Abdur Rahman told Banglanews that they themselves have been blocked by the blockade. In this situation, slowly everything will become normal. Even if they resort to violence, now people will stand against them. People who set fire will also throw them into the fire. Thus they will be exhausted.

In this regard, State Minister for Shipping Khalid Mahmud Chowdhury told BanglaNews that BNP’s blockade is now only a verbal announcement and does not reflect it in reality. They are advancing with the target of destroying the country through arson, Choragupta attacks But by doing this they have gone to the stage of elimination themselves. Law enforcement forces are in a strong position to control the situation. In this situation BNP is blocked, they are now at the stage of elimination.

Bangladesh time 1038 hours, November 7, 2023


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