Big corruption of small employees

Big corruption of small employees
Big corruption of small employees

Zaheer Alam, office assistant of the Ministry of Lands, has been accused of taking Tk 78 lakh 20 thousand from an organization in several rounds with the assurance of taking Khas land lease. After this incident, the organization named ‘Nibras Islamic Research Foundation’ in Narayanganj filed a complaint with the secretary of the ministry to recover the money and bring the ‘fraudster’ Zahir under the law. But without taking any action against this employee, the ministry transferred him to Tularam Union Land Office of Narail Sadar Upazila. This information is known from the sources of the Secretariat.

According to sources, Nibras Islamic Research Foundation has branches all over the country called Al Jamiyah As Salafiyyah, one of which is in Rupganj of Narayanganj. For a long time, this institution has some private land in its possession. Therefore, Shaikh Abdur Razzak bin Yusuf, the chairman of the organization, was trying to lease the land according to the state rules. At one point, the office of the field administration division of the Ministry of Lands is assistant

He talks to Heer. Because of that, Zaheer assured to lease the land. After that, he took a total of 78 lakh 20 thousand taka from time to time for office officials. But still could not lease the land to that company. At one point, the foundation authority approached the ministry to get the money back after realizing Zaheer’s fraud. On November 1, a complaint was made to the ministry by the organization.

It is known that Zahir Alam is currently working as an office assistant in Tularam Union Land Office of Narail Sadar Upazila. He was attached to the Ministry of Lands in an office order dated 29 April 2019. He joined the Land Ministry on May 6 of that year. Later he was appointed as office assistant in the field administration department of the ministry.

According to sources, after joining the ministry, various allegations of irregularities were raised against him. However, no one agreed to talk about any specific allegations. His two other brothers work in the same ministry. One of them is an office assistant, the other is a chain man.

He is believed to have been transferred from the ministry to his previous workplace, Tularam Union Land Office, following the complaint by the Nibras Foundation. However, the additional secretary of the administration department of the ministry said. Abbas Uddin told Daily Kalbela, “We brought him in need.” Now several people have been appointed as office assistants in the ministry. As a result, Zaheer has been sent back to his previous job. However, if a complaint is received against him, it will be investigated and necessary action will be taken.

In this context, Secretary of Land Ministry Khalilur Rahman said, I will take action knowing the matter well.

However, denying the allegations, Zaheer Alam said, “I don’t know Nibras Islamic Research Foundation.” I didn’t take any money, I don’t know anything. Then he hung up. Zaheer did not pick up the reporter’s phone after that.

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