Air transport bus caught fire in Khilkshet

Air transport bus caught fire in Khilkshet
Air transport bus caught fire in Khilkshet

Dhaka: Miscreants set fire to a passenger bus of Akash Paribahan near Khilkhet flyover in the capital. Two fire service units are working to extinguish the fire.

Fire Service Media Cell Officer Talha Bin Jasim said that the bus was set on fire at around 8:30 pm on Monday (November 6).

He said, around 8:30 pm, a fire broke out in an air transport bus near the Khilkhet flyover. Two units have been sent there.

Earlier, according to the sources of Fire Service and Civil Defense Directorate, miscreants set fire to 21 vehicles across the country including the capital during the 48-hour siege of like-minded political parties and alliances including BNP. These incidents of arson took place from 4 am on Sunday to 6 pm on Monday (38 hours).

A total of 111 fires have been reported from October 28 to November 6. Among them, there were 29 fires on October 28, 19 on October 29, one on October 30, 11 on October 31, 14 on November 1, seven on November 2, six on November 4, 13 on November 5, and 11 on November 6.

Bangladesh Time: 2107 hours, November 06, 2023

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