Total blockade of LDP on 8-9 November

Total blockade of LDP on 8-9 November
Total blockade of LDP on 8-9 November

The Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) has announced a nationwide 48-hour nationwide strike on November 8 and 9 (Wednesday-Thursday).

In a statement today, LDP President Dr. Colonel (retd) Oli Ahmad (Vir Bikram) announced the programme. It is said that the parties in the simultaneous movement led by BNP are also going to announce the blockade program for these two days.

Colonel Oli said in the statement, “My request to all the leaders and workers of LDP and the countrymen, you coordinate with the protesting parties in your respective areas and make the blockade program successful on November 8 and 9 (Wednesday and Thursday).”

He said, ‘I express my sincere thanks and gratitude to the people of the country for successfully observing the nationwide blockade on November 5 and 6. Kindly observe the programs with us in the coming days in an orderly and peaceful manner. This government must be dismissed. Bring back the country’s sovereignty and constitutional rights even if it is a little difficult. Appeal to the general public, help us make our program a success by keeping the cars off the roads.’

The second phase of the 48-hour nationwide blockade called by BNP is going on today. 228 platoons of BGB have been deployed across the country including Dhaka to keep the law and order situation under control. Besides, 460 patrol teams are deployed across the country including 160 RAB patrol teams in the capital to maintain law and order situation.

Today, BNP and its affiliated organizations held jhatka processions in different places of the capital. In addition to the demands of a non-partisan neutral government, the party’s chairperson Khaleda Zia, general secretary Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir and other arrested leaders were demanded to be released in these programs. On this day, several cars were set on fire in different parts of the country.

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