Repentance calls for BNP to come to the polls


Awami League presidium member and former state minister Advocate Jahangir Kabir Nanak urged the leaders of BNP to repent and come to the polls.

He said this while joining Dhaka Metropolitan North Jubo League’s sit-in program to protest the BNP-Jamaat blockade in front of Shyamoli Club in the capital on Monday (November 6).

Nanak said, do not cause destruction to harm the people of the country. Don’t lay hands on people, don’t do arson, don’t do domestic and foreign conspiracies – BNP leaders and workers should come to the election after repenting.

Blocking BNP means keeping people blocked. But the Awami League leader pointed out that the people rejected their blockade with hatred and said that in the name of the movement, they want to disrupt the security of common people’s lives. They attacked the police in a terrorist manner and killed them. Injured journalists on duty. The hospital was vandalized. Ambulance set on fire. So the people of the country have turned away from them. BNP should learn from this rejection of the people. Their leaders should repent.

He also said that terrorists of BNP will not be exempted. The hand that gives fire will be burnt. The hand that tries to harm the people will be crushed. So they have to be careful till the next election.

Mentioning the people of the country in favor of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Nanak said that the country has progressed under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. So the people of the country want peace, prosperity, recent and development under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina. The people of this country will decide in favor of Sheikh Hasina’s brand boat in the upcoming 12th parliamentary elections.

Meanwhile, he called on the leaders and activists to gather in front of the Liberation War Tower of Asadgate and at the Victory Memorial intersection tomorrow (October 7).


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