Khulna City announced a budget of Tk 1,083 crore

Khulna City announced a budget of Tk 1,083 crore
Khulna City announced a budget of Tk 1,083 crore

Khulna City Corporation has announced a budget of 1 thousand 82 crore 99 lakh 19 thousand taka for the financial year 2023-24. This is the biggest budget in the corporation’s 33-year history. Mayor Talukdar Abdul Khalek announced the budget at Shahid Altaf Auditorium of Nagar Bhavan yesterday afternoon.
In the proposed budget, the revenue expenditure has been estimated at Tk 196 crore 52 lakh 33 thousand and the development sector expenditure has been estimated at Tk 736 crore 6 lakh 67 thousand subject to receipt from government allocations and development support agencies. In the last financial year 2022-23, the budget target was 861 crore 6 lakh 27 thousand taka. In the revised budget, the size of which stands at 697 crore 75 lakh 76 thousand taka. The target achievement rate is 81 percent. In that budget, the target for revenue fund was 192 crore 11 lakh 38 rupees. Which in the revised budget stands at 282 crore 99 lakh 30 thousand taka. Attainment rate of own funds is 147 percent. In the previous budget, the target for the development fund as well as special projects of government grants and donor organizations was 668 crore 94 lakh 89 thousand taka. But 414 crore 76 lakh 46 thousand taka is available. The achievement rate in this case is 62 percent.

The mayor said that a total of Tk 61 crore 24 lakh 50 thousand has been allocated to various developmental sectors of the city from the revenue fund by meeting the KCC’s own establishment costs and cost reduction. In the proposed budget, an allocation of Tk 475 million has been allocated from the revenue sector to the development sector. 14 crore 24 lakh rupees have been allocated from the revenue fund for infrastructure and road development as well as maintenance. 17.4 million taka has been allocated in the conservancy sector for the development of human waste management and mosquito eradication. A total allocation of Tk 60 crore has been kept for ADP in the budget. Out of that allocation, 29 crore 40 lakh taka is allocated to the construction sector, although Khulna Wasar is responsible for supplying clean water to the city, 70 lakh taka has been allocated in this sector to convert deep and shallow tube wells into submersible pumps to meet the need for emergency water. 50 lakh taka has been allocated for veterinary sector, 9 crore 97 lakh taka for public health sector, 19 crore 43 lakh taka for conservancy sector.

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