What Shakib and Bangladesh have done is disgraceful:

What Shakib and Bangladesh have done is disgraceful:
What Shakib and Bangladesh have done is disgraceful:

After six consecutive matches, Bangladesh has seen its second victory in the World Cup. But Timed Out dominates the discussion.

The two main characters of this incident also came to the press conference after the match. Shakib Al Hasan came from Bangladesh and Angelo Mathews for Lankans.

Shakib has no regrets in requesting a timed out. On the other hand, Mathews was criticized for being the first victim of this unwanted out. He said Bangladeshi cricketers do not have common sense.

At the press conference, Mathews said, ‘I did nothing wrong. I had two minutes to prepare myself by going to the crease, which I did. The strap of the helmet was torn. I don’t know where the common sense of people was then. Because it is definitely disrespectful behavior on the part of Shakib and Bangladesh. If they want to play their cricket like this then I would say there is a big problem. Of course they lowered their standards. ‘

Sri Lanka did not shake hands with Bangladesh cricketers after the match. To this Mathews replied, ‘We respect those who respect us. They have to respect the game. All of us, including the umpire, are ambassadors of the game. So if you don’t give respect, if you don’t use common sense, what else can I say. ‘

Mathews’ acquaintance with Shakib is from that under-19 cricket. Both are so close in age. There is not much difference between them in international career experience. But the respect that Mathews had for Shakib may no longer exist. Mathews said, ‘See till today I had utmost respect for Shakib and Bangladesh cricket. Because we all play to win. If it was within the rules it would be fine. The rules clearly say I have to be there within two minutes. We have video footage, which will be released in a later statement. I don’t come here and say whatever I want. I speak with evidence. I still had five seconds left after the helmet strap snapped. ‘

Mehdi Hasan Miraj was the bowler when Mathews came to the crease. The moment he went to pick up the guard, he noticed that the strap of his helmet was torn. Batters often play without helmets against spinners. But Mathews didn’t want to do that. He said, ‘We talk about the safety of the players, right? Tell me, would it be right for me to take the guard without a helmet? This is pure commonsense. That’s why the job of umpires was bigger at that moment. A wicketkeeper is not allowed to stand without a helmet while bowling to spinners. So how can I take the guard without a helmet?’

Bangladesh time: 0026 hours, November 07, 2023

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