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20,000 taka reward for handing over the ‘fire terrorists’

20,000 taka reward for handing over the ‘fire terrorists’
20,000 taka reward for handing over the ‘fire terrorists’

The Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) will give Tk 20,000 reward to those who are setting fire to various transport or structures during the blockade called by BNP-Jamaat or give information.

Dhaka Police Commissioner Habibur Rahman announced this award in front of reporters on Monday after a meeting with petrol pump owners on security.

He said that suffering is being caused by setting fire to various transports during the strike-blockade. Common people are being burnt to death. A reward of 20,000 taka will be given to those who create chaos in the country by setting fire, killing, handing them over or giving information.

Deputy Police Commissioner (Media) Farooq Hossain also said that the identity of those who will give information will be kept confidential.

The BNP called a rally on October 28 with a one-point demand of ‘the fall of the government’ before the national elections. On that day, there was an incident of violence on the occasion of that rally in Nayapaltan. There have been allegations of attacks on the police and attacks on the Chief Justice’s residence. Nayapaltan, Vijayanagar, Shantinagar were repeatedly attacked and clashed. Later, the police hurled sound grenades and water cannons at the BNP rally. The gathering was interrupted by this. In this incident, the BNP and their partners in the simultaneous movement called for a nationwide strike and then a blockade program.

Since October 28, vehicles are being burnt almost every day somewhere in the country. At least 9 people died during this time. It is spreading panic.

Despite the protection provided by the law enforcement agencies, incidents of violence are still taking place.

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