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Chhatra Dal lock the gate of Azizul Haque College in Bogra

Chhatra Dal lock the gate of Azizul Haque College in Bogra
Chhatra Dal lock the gate of Azizul Haque College in Bogra

The Chhatra Dal leaders and activists locked the gates of the government Azizul Haque College in Bogra. At this time, they also pulled a placard with the text ‘State repair work is going on, sorry for the temporary inconvenience’ in order to get one point of demand.

On Monday morning, the lock was hung in the post-graduate building and Phulbari in Kamargari of the city. It was led by the college branch Chhatra Dal leader Thana Sarkar.

Eyewitnesses said the main gate remained closed for some time after the lock was hung. Later, around 7:30 am, the gate was locked and the students were allowed to move.

Govt Azizul Haque College Chhatra Dal leader Tanha Sarkar said that the gates of Azizul Haque College have been locked due to a one-point demand. With the release of Khaleda Zia, the next parliamentary elections should be held very quickly under a neutral government. Otherwise, I will continue the movement on the campus with ordinary students.

Govt Azizul Haque College Vice Principal Professor Dr. Sabur Uddin said that no party has the right to destroy the teaching environment of ordinary students. If someone secretly carries out any program that is up to them. However, I did not see any lock or banner on the college gate. At present the education environment is normal.

BD Daily/Nazmul

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