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ACC notice seeking information on ideal school corruption, teacher recruitment

ACC notice seeking information on ideal school corruption, teacher recruitment
ACC notice seeking information on ideal school corruption, teacher recruitment

The former principal of Ideal School and College. The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has issued a notice seeking three types of information including the appointment of teachers in the institution to investigate allegations of embezzlement of huge amounts of money through irregularities and corruption against Shahanara Begum and others.

On Sunday, the assistant director of the member organizations of the search team. Ataur Rahman government sent this notice to the present principal. Related sources have confirmed this information.

It is known that a team of two members of the ACC. Shahanara is investigating allegations of corruption against Begum and others. Following this, a notice has been sent asking for information and records. In the notice, the information of teachers appointed in Ideal School and College from January 2011 to December 2017, copies of recruitment circulars, copies of recruitment resolutions have been asked to be submitted in tabular form.

Besides, how many branches are there in any category of the organization and the copy of approval for opening these branches has been requested. The names and addresses of the members serving on the board of directors of the company from 2011 to June 2023 have also been sought.

It is known that before Dr. ACC has written to 68 institutions including 58 banks in search of Shahanara’s assets. He has been summoned to the ACC for questioning. On August 29, 2021, the ACC decided to investigate his acquisition of illegal assets from the ACC headquarters.

Shahanara Begum is currently serving as the principal of Evercare International School and College, Aftabnagar in the capital. Allegedly, the “syndicate” led by the principal has established the school in its own 10-storey building by spending 20 crore rupees from the looted money from Ideal School and College.

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