BNP is returning to a new program next week!

BNP is returning to a new program next week!
BNP is returning to a new program next week!

The government wants to leave the BNP at home to pass the election cycle, in view of such a possibility, the BNP and the opposition parties are thinking of formulating a new program to bring down the government. After the second round of blockade held on one side’s demand, these groups called for a new blockade on Wednesday and Thursday (November 8 and 9).

The second day of the second phase of the blockade was observed on Monday (November 6) by top leaders of various opposition parties—compared to today’s (Monday) blockade programme. People joined work in rush for work, there were more vehicles on the roads than other days. The leaders have also taken note of the fact that due to the shortage of supply of goods in Dhaka due to the ongoing blockade, the price has increased in the market.

Leaders claim that the ruling party wants to keep BNP at home. Recently, it has become clear in the speech of the top leaders of Awami League. The leaders say that they have already analyzed that the government will take control of the blockade program of BNP and opposition parties in the next 10 days. The way the police are creating an atmosphere of panic by filing cases and searching the houses of activists, they will take the situation ‘under control’ within 10 days.

Several leaders of the opposition parties told the Bengali Tribune that if the blockade continues, there may be public dissatisfaction. However, these ‘temporary difficulties are aimed at repairing the state’, top leaders said. Due to this, there will be a blockade this week as well. But next week’s program may be different.’ BNP standing committee members also agreed on this issue.

Information received till Sunday (November 5) — Party Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, Standing Committee member Mirza Abbas, Amir Khosru Mahmud Chowdhury, Vice Chairman Shahjahan Omar, Shamsuzzaman Dudu, Zahir Uddin Swapan and more than 261 leaders and activists have been arrested. There is a discussion in BNP to protest this arrest and give a program to demand his release. Democracy stage can also give public program on the same.

Shayrul Kabir Khan, on behalf of BNP’s media cell, said that from October 28 to November 5, more than 261 leaders and activists of the Nationalist Party BNP and its affiliates were arrested across the country, and more than 1,060 leaders and activists (including those named in the statement) were accused in 9 cases.

Shayrul Kabir said, from July 28 and 29 of this year till now (November 6), the information received from all over the country focusing on the program announced by the BNP center is – total arrest 7 thousand 974 people, total cases more than 515, total accused 39 thousand 620, total Injured leaders and activists more than 5 thousand 791 people, total death 10 people (journalist 1 person). Shairul Kabir Khan mentioned that there are 17 cases in total, 9 people have been sentenced to death and more than 111 leaders and activists have been sentenced to imprisonment for various terms.

According to a senior official of the party, the opposition parties, including the BNP, are now in a cage. There is no option to exit the running program. No party worker or leader can sleep at home, even in a village. The opposition has no option for now. Because of this, activists are active all over the country. Picketing is going on every morning and evening.

This powerful incumbent claims—only two paths before the opposition. By creating a government or through the mediation of an international group. Because, BNP has mainly used the term ‘peaceful in political meetings’ for the past five years. If the assembly of October 28 was successful, what would have been the loss of the government, now what has been gained? Explained this official. According to him, the BNP had no option but to hold the general meeting.

When asked on Monday (November 6), BNP Standing Committee member Iqbal Hasan Mahmud Tuku told Bangla Tribune, ‘It has been proven that this government does not believe in democracy. We are under siege, they are under fire. Our leaders and activists have been told clearly – carriages and horses cannot be set on fire. The government is setting fire to the state machinery. They want to destroy our image with fire.’

The former state minister said, “This time, we are extremely cautious,” and said, “Our program has started peacefully, is going on peacefully, and will continue in the future.”

Iqbal Hasan said that a new program will be launched to demand the release of party’s general secretary, standing committee members and those who have been arrested. He said, ‘The program will come in protest against the arrest. New types of programs will come.’

This responsible leader of the party mentioned that it is difficult to find a solution if the ongoing agitation of the opposition and the suppression of the government continues. In this case, world opinion can come in the role of mediator. He claimed, ‘The leadership of BNP believes that voting rights will be returned only through democratic programs.’

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