Dhaka district to recover government property

Dhaka district to recover government property
Dhaka district to recover government property

Dhaka: The Dhaka district administration has recovered a large amount of government property belonging to terrorists, local dignitaries and illegal encroachers in Dhaka district. As a result, the officers and employees of the district administration concerned in the recovery of government assets have become the eyesores of this evil circle.

The land grabbers continue to threaten and embarrass the officials of the district administration in various ways, unsuccessfully by alluring them illegally.

Despite these inactions of the vicious circle, 57.59 acres of private land has been recovered in Dhaka district in the last 12 months, the market value of which is around Tk 2,000 crore. Illegal occupiers have been evicted from valuable government properties in various areas including Mirpur, Purana Paltan, Nawabpur Road, Topkhana Road, Dumni in Dhaka city.

Meanwhile, 0.0492 acre VP 03 (three) storeyed house worth 10 crore taka at 43, 43/1, 43/2 and 43/3 Lalchan Mokim Lane in Wari Mauza of Dhaka city, 0.70 acre property assigned in Nandipara Mauza under Demra police station. , 1.49 acres of assigned property in the same mauza, 0.70 acres of assigned property in Shunya mauza, historical ‘Braj Niketan’ aka ‘Judge Bari’ in Hazratpur mauza in Nawabganj upazila was recovered from illegal encroachers.

Besides, the market and house built on the property located at 37 Nawabganj, Lalbagh under Hazaribagh Mauza under Lalbagh revenue circle of Dhaka metropolis were recovered from the illegal occupants. Government assigned property worth about 20 (twenty) crores has been recovered at No. 267 and 272 Nawabpur Road under Kotyali Revenue Circle.

Most recently 20 flats of 10 (ten) storied buildings built on government land under Demra revenue circle have been taken under the control of the government. 18.40 cents worth approximately 2 crore rupees in Gaurnagar Mauza of the same circle and 32.48 cents worth approximately 6 crore rupees in Paiti Mouza have been recovered.

Dhaka district is at the first position in the country in providing land services at the citizen level by stopping all the inaction against the district administration. About 30,000 registered cases per month are disposed of in the shortest possible time. As a result of which the service aspirants are getting very fast and hassle free land services.

Bangladesh Time: 1946 hours, November 06, 2023
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