Counter Attackers: Information Minister

Counter Attackers: Information Minister
Counter Attackers: Information Minister

Counter Attackers: Information Minister

Dhaka, November 6, 2023 (BSS): Minister of Information and Broadcasting and Joint General Secretary of Awami League. Hasan Mahmud said, those who come to attack in the name of hartal-blockade must be resisted.
He said, ‘With the dishonest intention of creating chaos and anarchy in the country, the leaders of BNP are peeping through social media and announcing the program from behind the cave. Attacking people, ambulances, burning cars and horses, attacking students is their program. I appeal to the people, brother drivers and our leaders and workers, if anyone comes to attack in the name of hartal-blockade, resist the attackers, discipline them, and if caught, hand them over to the police.’
The minister called for a ‘peace rally against BNP blockade-anarchy’ organized by Dhaka Metropolitan South Awami League at 23 Bangabandhu Avenue today. Awami League presidium member Mofazzal Hossain Chowdhury Maya Bir Bikram addressed the gathering under the chairmanship of Dhaka Metropolitan South Awami League president Alhaj Abu Ahmed Mannafi and general secretary Alhaj Md Humayun Kabir.
The Information and Broadcasting Minister said, ‘I would like to request the drivers, those who are attacking your cars are miscreants. Newspapers write that they are miscreants, they are said to be miscreants on television. So keep sticks and rods in the car if necessary to take action against these miscreant terrorists. If you catch someone, hand it over to the police.’
Hasan Mahmud said, ‘I will tell our leaders and activists that if the terrorists find this fire, if they are caught red-handed, they will be handed over to the police. We do not want to take the law into our own hands. But the law says that if someone is attacked, he can resist the attacker. It is said in the law, it is also in the religion. So if someone comes to attack, punish the attacker.’
Joint General Secretary of Awami League said, ‘Government is determined to take legal action against those who are carrying out terrorist attacks and entering caves in the name of blockade. I will tell our leaders and activists to find the BNP-Jamaat arsonists who have entered the holes in the neighborhood, give them to the police, they must be eliminated.’
“Many are demanding that the way BNP is conducting attacks on people, the way it has attacked the residences of the Chief Justice and judges, the hospitals, there have been demands to ban them from many quarters,” the Information Minister said, “We do not want to ban BNP, we want them to Avoid the path and practice democratic practices. We have no objection to protest. All assistance was given to them for their agitation but instead of doing so they created anarchy. The police have been forced to take action because of the attack on the police, the judge’s residence, the hospital.
“The elections will be held on time and we are determined to conduct an internationally acceptable election with massive participation of the people,” the Information and Broadcasting Minister said, “many leaders of BNP now blame Tarek Rahman, saying Tarek Rahman destroyed our party and they are sitting to participate in the elections.” Whatever Mr. Fakhrul, Mr. Rizvi says, even if your party does not participate in the elections, your leaders will participate inshAllah.’
Hasan Mahmud said, ‘Many are standing in line to join Trinamool. Another party is going to be led by former BNP minister and current vice chairman Major Hafiz. They will soon have a convention in Dhaka. So even if BNP does not participate in the election, it cannot prevent the participation of the leaders. Therefore, I would request that if the party wants to survive, then avoid the path of anarchy, come to the elections, check your popularity.

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