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Amaze of metro rail travel, rickshaw-van

Amaze of metro rail travel, rickshaw-van
Amaze of metro rail travel, rickshaw-van

Dhaka: Due to the lack of traffic in Motijheel’s Bankpara due to the BNP-Jamaat blockade, the suffering of working people has increased. However, because of Metrorail, passengers from Uttara-Mirpur-Agargaon-Farmgate and these areas are coming to the office in the mood of pleasure travel.

Besides, many people come to the office by BRTC bus, rickshaw, van, motorcycle or on foot. Office attendance is also almost normal.

On the second day of the second phase of the siege, on Monday (November 6) morning, this picture was seen after visiting Motijheel, Dilkusha and Paltan areas.

Before noon, it can be seen that the number of public transport in Bankpara Motijheel is less due to the blockade. Government transport BRTC buses and few other buses are plying. There is also no activity by picketers or blockade supporters. Police are on alert at important facilities including Bangladesh Bank.

Various areas of Motijheel can be seen, people are coming to the office from different parts of the capital by rickshaws, vans, motorcycles or on foot. That’s why they have to pay a little more rent. It takes more time. They have to continue with the fear of picketing.

Amirul Islam came to the Jeevan Bima office next to Bangladesh Bank by riding a van from Golapbag railway station. Five other passengers came with him. They came to Golapbagh in another transport. The other day he used to come straight to work. Today, he has broken his destination and came in a different transport. For this reason cost and time are both high.

Of course, the employees of offices that have staff buses are relieved. Even because there are less cars on the road, they are coming to office very quickly. On other normal days, where they had to leave after an hour, now they can reach the office before the specified time only if they leave after half an hour.

Meanwhile, as a result of the inauguration of the metro rail, people from the area around Mirpur-Farmgate are coming to the office area of ​​Motijheel by this transport. Instead of suffering the blockade, people in these areas are commuting to work in comfort by Metrorail. At other times, passengers from these areas had to spend two hours on the road to reach Motijheel. Or had to come by motorcycle with extra rent. After the launch of Metrorail, they can reach office from home within 20 to maximum 30 minutes.

Asiqul Islam working at the head office of Agrani Bank is one such person. He reached the office from Sheorapara in half an hour. There was no fuss. There was no fear of picketers either.

He said, ‘Sparkling transport, modern stations, moving stairs, no hawkers. I am working in the mood of travel. As if working in Europe-Japan. May this environment always remain. ‘

Meanwhile, the number of cars on the road is less due to the blockade, but the attendance at the office is normal. It can be seen in the local office of Sonali Bank that all the officers have appeared in the office at the appointed time.

Bangladesh Time: 1418 hours, November 06, 2023

The article is in Bengali

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