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Sheikh Hasina will start election campaign from Sylhet: Kader

Sheikh Hasina will start election campaign from Sylhet: Kader
Sheikh Hasina will start election campaign from Sylhet: Kader

Awami League President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina 12th election The general secretary of the party Obaidul Quader said that the campaign will start from Sylhet.

He said, Awami League president Sheikh Hasina’s election rally will start from Sylhet. There you will join groups.

Quader said these things in a briefing at the Dhaka district Awami League office in Tejgaon of the capital on Monday. At this time he virtually inaugurated the construction work of Barabhanga Bridge in Balaganj, Sylhet.

Regarding the Prime Minister’s visit to Saudi Arabia, Obaidul Quader said that Saudi Arabia will stand by us during the crisis. And in this difficult time, a group is agitating as a pillar of strength. They are agitating to remove a disgraced Prime Minister from power.

At that time, Awami League General Secretary also commented that BNP Acting Chairman Tariq Rahman was leading the movement by remote control from London.

He said, whatever. Today, the European Union is asking for the release of 8 thousand activists (BNP) in jail. They are our friendly country, we cannot condemn their speech. However, their information is lacking. They will be called upon, they will make inquiries and make corrections in their speeches. We do not want to quarrel with them. We don’t want a fight in Bangladesh either.

Calling on the party leaders and workers to be careful, he said, ‘We will remain vigilant till the elections. People of the country are looking forward to vote for Sheikh Hasina. We are not afraid of poaching, we are not afraid.

Addressing the activists, Obaidul Quader said, you should be careful. Came down with fire, came down with weapons. Now they want to protest by sneak attack, they want to overthrow the government. This is their current motive and they are moving forward with this aim.

He said, ‘There is nothing to lose, we will win the election inshallah. Therefore, if we are afraid of such sneak attacks, we will not go. We are not afraid at all. We will tell the people that these sneak attacks cannot be carried out for a long time. They said they would do many things, where are they now?’

At this time, the bridge minister requested the police to be careful. He also requested not to harass any innocent people while on duty.

Awami League Organizing Secretary Mirza Azam, Sujit Roy Nandi, Office Secretary Barrister Biplab Barua, Information and Research Secretary Dr. Salim Mahmud, Executive Council Member Mohammad Ali Arafat and Dhaka District Awami League General Secretary Paniruzzaman Tarun were present at the Dhaka Awami League office.

The article is in Bengali

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