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30 working day maximum transactions in the capital market during the blockade

30 working day maximum transactions in the capital market during the blockade
30 working day maximum transactions in the capital market during the blockade

7 of the 10 companies that gained the most were losses. One in three companies turned a profit twice in the last six years, but the amount is negligible.


Investments are seen to increase during periods of political unrest in capital markets which are in a continuous recession. Trading rose for two consecutive days of the 48-hour blockade. In all, three consecutive working days have increased.

When there is a hint of instability in politics, where the transactions in the capital market decrease, the market people are looking at this trend positively.

After a two-day weekend after the 72-hour blockade, on the first day of the blockade on Sunday, the Dhaka Stock Exchange DSE index increased by 7 points, trading increased by more than 6 percent.

On the second day on Monday, trading rose more than 26 percent over the previous day, with the index gaining 2 points.

In total, 595 crore 76 lakh 89 thousand taka changed hands on this day, which was a little more than 470 crore taka the previous day.

This transaction is the highest in the last 30 working days. Last September 21, more than Tk 735 crore 35 lakh transactions were seen.

On this day, the share price of 66 companies increased, on the contrary, 87 decreased. 162 companies changed hands on the previous day’s rate. In all, 315 shares of the company changed hands.

However, less than 50 companies have had transactions between these companies.

Only 28 companies traded more than 1 million shares. There were 117 companies with more than 100,000 shares traded. But millions more shares were put up for sale.

A total of 74 companies did not trade a single share.

Of the 389 companies, more than 250 are at floor prices and no buyers can be found.

There is more interest in weaker companies

Al Amin, a capital market analyst and a teacher in the Department of Accounting and Information Systems at Dhaka University, told about the behavior of the capital market, “It is true that transactions have increased despite this volatility, it can be seen as a positive aspect. But again if you look at where the transaction is going, it is disappointing.

“If you look at the companies at the top of the transaction, you will see that none are in production, some have been making losses for years. Almost every stock in the top twenty has some name behind it. This cannot be a sign of a stable capital market.”

Seven of the top 10 gainers on Monday were losers. One in three companies turned a profit twice in the last six years, but the amount is negligible. The highest dividend in the last 5 years is 20 paise per share.

Only two of the companies in the top twenty in terms of turnover have good fundamentals. All the rest are weak companies.

Shares of Deshbandhu Polymers, which paid a dividend of 25 paise per share, were exchanged for Tk 35 crore, shares of Phuwang Foods, which gave a loss, were exchanged for Tk 31 crore, Emerald Oil, which returned to production after five years, traded more than Tk 25 crore.

More than 44 percent of the total transactions happened in these 20 companies alone.

By Khatwari, about 19 percent of transactions were in the food sector, 17 percent in general insurance and over 13 percent in the engineering sector.

In other words, almost 50 percent of the transactions have taken place in these three sectors.

For the past few months, the stock market indices have been moving in a circle. It rose to 6,300 points and is coming down again. But later it increases again.

During this period, capital market transactions have progressed mostly based on the general insurance sector. However, before October 28, when the fear of political unrest appeared earlier, the market was completely focused on small capitalization and some loss-making companies.

Capital market analyst Al Amin said, “Actually, gambler’s funds are changing hands in the capital market now. The shares that are coming up in the top ten are not supposed to be in the normal market. They have no strategy, no fundamental reason, all informed traders, those who have inside information, have traded.

“Production stopped, losses but big cycles have taken the share, they are the ones raising the prices. The typical investor has repeatedly suffered losses while making the switch due to greed. They lack patience.”

Stating that institutional investors could not be created in the capital market, he said, “If institutional investors were active, the market would have improved.

“The volume that is happening now is the effect of smart money, those who have money are getting some profit, even then I would say it is positive considering the political situation.”

Top 10 Price Increases

The prices of five loss-making companies rose by over 10 percent. These are Khan Brothers PP Oven, Fur Chemicals, Olympic Accessories, Union Capital, RN Spinning and Khulna Paper Mills.

Of these, Fur Chemicals and An N Spinning Mills have merged with two other companies. The shares of the two companies continued to decline after the floor prices of the two companies were not adjusted. In the morning, the price fell by about 10 percent. At the end of the day, the investors were able to make a profit of 20 percent by buying in the morning as it increased by 10 percent.

Prices of Apex Food and Monospool Paper also traded at higher upside limits. As their share price was more than Tk 200, there was no opportunity to increase more than 8.75 percent.

Western Marine Shipyard rose more than 8 percent after reporting losses and Haqqani Pulp rose more than 7.5 percent after returning to profit after two years.

Those who are at the top of the list

Capitec Grameen Mutual Fund, which rose by Rs 10 per unit to Rs 28 10 paise, fell the most by 9.57 per cent. From there it is now down to 17 taka.

Apart from this, Libra Infusion was up more than 6 percent, while the golden nugget, which announced 100 percent bonus shares, was down 5.72 percent.

Shares of United Insurance, Shamrita Hospital, ADN Telecom were up more than 5 percent, Aziz Pipes, Standard Insurance and Reliance Insurance were up more than 4 percent and Yannick Polymer was down around four percent.


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