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Tanjim Shakib finally got a chance in the World Cup

Tanjim Shakib finally got a chance in the World Cup
Tanjim Shakib finally got a chance in the World Cup

After a long wait, Tanjim Hasan Shakib is finally coming to the World Cup match in Bangladesh’s jersey. Instead of pacer Ebadat Hossain, the door of the national team was opened for him. He also showed his bowling ability in his debut match in the Asia Cup. The door of the World Cup was opened for him in that one match.

However, Tanzim’s wait for the World Cup has only been prolonged. 14 out of 15 members of the team have played. Everyone got a chance in at least 1 match. However, the team management seemed to forget about Tanjim Shakib. But on Monday, that drought ended. Tanzim came to the team instead of Mustafizur Rahman.

Junior Shakib bowled only two matches in his national team career. He took 2 wickets for 32 runs in his debut match in the Asia Cup against India. After that, this pacer did not get a wicket despite getting a chance against New Zealand on the country’s soil.

However, Tanjim Shakib has come a long way since his debut. He was the victim of a lot of controversy due to all the old statuses he gave on Facebook. However, after that, his journey to the World Cup did not stop. Even at home, he received massive support from the crowd.

The budding pacer also apologized to BCB due to the controversial status. He said that his statuses about women were not given with the intention of hurting anyone. The cricket board also offered to excuse him considering his age. But since then Tanjim Shakib was not seen on the field after missing one match against New Zealand.

However, Shakib’s experience of representing the country in the World Cup is not the first. This pacer was a part of the Bangladesh team in age-wise World Cup. Even that World Cup title was brought home by the Junior Tigers. This time, Tanjim Shakib is getting a chance to prove himself on the big stage. It remains to be seen how much you can use that opportunity.


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