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Blockade by lighting fire on Mongla-Khulna highway

Blockade by lighting fire on Mongla-Khulna highway
Blockade by lighting fire on Mongla-Khulna highway

BNP leaders and activists have set a fire on the Mongla-Khulna highway. On Monday (November 6) early in the morning, they set fire to Vaga and Ronsen areas of the highway and started this blockade program.

Meanwhile, police arrested four people from Mongla graveyard and Digraj area last night. The police arrested them after house-to-house search. BNP leaders and activists have left their houses and covered their bodies due to the fear of being caught by the police. As a result, instead of finding the original party leaders, the police have been accused of arresting innocent people as BNP leaders and activists.

Thousands of BNP, Youth Dal, Swachhasevak Dal, Krishak Dal, Tanti Dal and Chhatra Dal leaders and activists of Mongla-Rampal are running away from their families. The activists of Mongla-Rampal are now fleeing from their homes and their respective areas due to police search, fear and panic. In the last few days, about half a hundred leaders and activists of Mongla-Rampal have been arrested.

Allegations have been made that the leaders and activists are separated from their families in the name of police arrests and searches, and their families are living extremely inhumane lives.

Bagerhat district BNP joint convener. Sheikh Faridul Islam claimed that the police are constantly arresting activists, house-to-house searches, creating fear and panic in fictitious cases of sabotage. The police are doing this extremely inhumane thing. As a result of the arrest of the police, the activists are on the run and their families are spending days without food, which has become extremely inhumane. The police are working shamelessly to implement the government’s agenda by making unnecessary arrests, searches and creating panic. I strongly condemn this and call upon the police to withdraw from the ongoing aggressive role.

About the arrest, Mongla Police Station OC Mohammad Samsuddin said, those who are being detained are all listed.

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