While the subject of study is Aviation and Airport Management


College of Aviation Technology is giving certificate to the students with the approval of National University. The curriculum and admission process of the college is conducted as per the general rules of the National University. There are four year courses in two subjects. In Aeronautical and Aviation Science and Engineering eight semester salary, admission fee and incidental expenses are about 8 lakh 47 thousand taka. Apart from this, aviation management will cost about 6 lakh 55 thousand taka in 8 semesters. There are also opportunities for scholarships and financial incentives according to students’ skills and merit.

After completing BBA studies here, students are getting job opportunities in various corporate organizations including financial institutions, bank-insurance, mobile operators. There are also job opportunities in various domestic airlines including Middle Eastern airlines, such as Emirates Airlines, Qatar Airlines, Gulf Air, Kuwait Airways, and various well-known airlines in Europe.

Students from all three disciplines – science, business education and humanities – can apply for BBA in Aviation Management honors course after secondary and higher secondary. Must have minimum GPA-3 in HSC. Interested students should have minimum GPA-3 in HSC in any one of Accounting or Business Organization and Management, Economics, Finance, Banking and Insurance, Production Management and Marketing, Statistics and Higher Mathematics. Admission fee for BBA in Aviation Management is Tk 35 thousand 500. Tuition fee per semester is 65 thousand taka. Check the Facebook page of the college here.

Address: Sector-16 J, Road-13, Plot-22, Uttara, Dhaka. Phone: 01926963653, 01916987309

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