Car vandalized, bus on fire in Chittagong


(2 hours ago) 6 November 2023, Monday, 12:40 PM

In different places of Chittagong, jhtica processions, cars were vandalized. Besides, miscreants set fire to a bus standing on the side of the road. Miscreants escaped by setting fire to a bus parked near the mosque in Anwara’s Chatri Choumuhani Bazar around 4 am on Monday. Later the fire service went and brought the fire under control. The car stood to take garment workers to the factory.
The Chattmetro J 11-0723 serial bus that caught fire was parked overnight near the mosque in Chatri Choumuhani Bazar to take KEPZ workers to the factory in the morning. At 4 am, the driver called and reported that the bus was on fire. Mong Suinu Marma, officer of Anwara Fire Service Station, said that after getting the information about the bus fire in Chatri Choumuhani market, we went to the spot and controlled the fire. The car was taken to the workshop on the advice of the police.
Meanwhile, 10 North Kattali Ward Juba Dal, Chhatra Dal, Svechchasebak Dal marched in the city gate area of ​​Chittagong city early this morning. In the morning, 10 North Kattali Ward BNP marched by blocking the road in Chittagong City Gate area. At the same time, a procession was led by Fazlul Haque Sumon, vice-president of the Nagar Jubo Dal, in Pahartali Bazar.

Baklia Thana Youth Dal has blocked the road by protesting in Kala Mia Bazar and Rahattar Pool area. Besides, marches were also held in various places of the district in support of the blockade. Among them, cars were vandalized in Sitakunda, Anwara, Patia, Banshkhali and Satkania.
Meanwhile, on the last day of the second round of blockade, Jamaat protested in different places of the city. According to their Facebook page, Jamaat workers have held jhtika processions in Chawkbazar, Kotwali, Baklia, Halishahar, Doublemuring, Khulshi and Pahartali.

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