Bangladesh wants trade and investment from European countries: BSEC Chairman

Bangladesh wants trade and investment from European countries: BSEC Chairman
Bangladesh wants trade and investment from European countries: BSEC Chairman

2023 November 04 06:31:27

Own Pratibadek: The chairman of the Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC), the stock market regulatory body, Professor Shibli Rubaiyat-ul-Islam said that the European Union needs cooperation to transform Bangladesh into a smart Bangladesh and Bangladesh is not a help or a loan to these countries; Seeks trade partnerships and investment.

A summit titled ‘The Rise of Bengal Tiger: Potentials of Trade and Investment among Bangladesh and the U Countries’ was organized in Brussels on Friday (November 03).

The summit was organized jointly by BSEC and Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA). The summit started at 10 am local time. Bangladesh Ambassador to Belgium Mahbub Hasan Saleh gave a welcome speech at the beginning of the program. After the welcome speech, an audio-visual on the economic development of Bangladesh was shown.

Peteris Ustubos, Director of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for International Partnerships for the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific, spoke at the event.

BSEC Chairman Professor Shibli Rubaiyat-ul-Islam delivered a presentation titled ’50 Years of Bangladesh: The Rise of Bengal Tiger’ at the function.

The BSEC Chairman praised Bangabandhu’s daughter for achieving independence at the hands of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and following the dream of a golden Bengal, led by his privileged daughter Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

He highlighted the diplomatic and commercial relations and mutual cooperation between Belgium and the European Union with Bangladesh. He said that the cooperation of the European Union is necessary to transform Bangladesh into a smart Bangladesh and Bangladesh wants trade partnership and investment rather than aid and loan.

The BSEC Chairman mentioned Bangladesh’s strategically important and advantageous position in South Asia geopolitically and highlighted the potential of Bangladesh’s vibrant human resources. In recent times, the global macro and economic indicators such as high rate of GDP growth, reduction of poverty, reduction of child mortality, increase in food production, increase in women’s participation in the workplace, large domestic market, demographic dividend, skilled manpower, political stability, etc. show the increasing progress of Bangladesh’s economy. Discussed various aspects of development and possibilities.

Prof. Shibli Rubaiyat illustrated the strong and promising position of Bangladesh’s capital market compared to neighboring countries and sought the cooperation of all concerned by mentioning the steps taken by BSEC for continuous development to make the capital market the main source of long-term financing. He also highlighted the advantageous aspects of investment in Bangladesh and urged them to choose Bangladesh for investment and become partners in the development progress of Bangladesh.

A video message of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina was shown at the summit. In a video message, Sheikh Hasina thanked all those who participated in the summit. He mentioned Bangladesh’s cordial bilateral relations and cooperation with Belgium and the European Union.

The Prime Minister highlighted various aspects of the economic and infrastructural development of Bangladesh in recent times. He said that in just 15 years, Bangladesh has turned from a 70 billion dollar economy to a 465 billion dollar economy and Bangladesh is on the way to become a developed-smart country with a trillion dollar economy. He said that Bangladesh has good opportunities to become a trading hub or trade center which is undergoing rapid industrialization.

Besides, he called for business expansion and investment in Bangladesh’s potential and important sectors including ready-made garments, leather products, pharmaceuticals, technology, energy and agriculture, and offered investors from Belgium and European Union countries to invest in special economic zones built in Bangladesh.

A panel discussion on ‘Trade and Investment Opportunities in Bangladesh’ was held at the summit. Bangladesh Ambassador to Belgium Mahbub Hasan Saleh, Secretary of Civil Aviation and Tourism Ministry Mokammel Hossain, Vice Chairman of ‘Central Depository Bangladesh Limited (CDBL)’ AKM Nurul Fazal Bulbul, ‘Bangladesh Economic Zone Authority (BEZA)’ participated in the panel discussion. Executive Chairman Sheikh Yusuf Harun. In the panel discussion, the panelists highlighted the opportunities and possibilities of business and investment in various sectors of Bangladesh.

Edwards Boomsteins, Head of Asia and Pacific Division of European Investment Bank (EAB) spoke as guest of honor at the event. Also, Executive Chairman of Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA) Lokman Hossain Mia and Managing Director of ACI Limited and Honorary Consul of Belgium in Bangladesh Arif Daula spoke on the occasion.

4 sessions were held in the organized summit. The sessions held are: Session-1: Advancing with textile and leather products, Session-2: Agriculture and Agro-processing, Session-3: Towards Smart Bangladesh, Session-4: Accelerating investment and trade – for the expansion of Bangladesh’s business and economy. Opportunities and possibilities and various aspects of building a developed Bangladesh were discussed.

As a result of organizing this successful summit in Brussels, Belgium, the participation of foreign and expatriate investors in the country’s stock market will increase and the experts present expressed hope that a large amount of foreign investment will come to Bangladesh.

ShareNews, 03 November 2023

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