Sirajganj district jail has five times more prisoners than its capacity

Sirajganj district jail has five times more prisoners than its capacity
Sirajganj district jail has five times more prisoners than its capacity

Sirajganj District Jail has more than five times its capacity. It is not a problem of food for the prisoners, but there is a problem of accommodation. However, the prison authorities say that the prisoners are not facing much problem.

According to the sources of the district jail, the sub-jail was established on the banks of the Yamuna river in Sirajganj in 1918. After the declaration of Sirajganj district in 1984, the sub-jail was converted into a district jail in 1994.

In the same year, the operation of this prison started on 6.50 acres of land in Kandapara area of ​​the city. Currently there are 7 buildings for prisoners. Although the district jail has a capacity of 352 people, there are 1756 prisoners. Which is almost five times (4.988) more than the capacity.

Some prison members said that the wards designated for prisoners currently have several times more than their capacity. Prisoners roam outside the ward during the day but have to enter the ward from afternoon. Due to more prisoners, there is no sleeping environment in the ward. Although not much of a problem in the winter season, this crisis becomes acute in the summer.

Sirajganj Jail District Mohammad Yunus Zaman said that currently there are more prisoners than the capacity of this jail. All of them have come to jail after being arrested on warrant or in some case. Our job is to look after those who come here, keep them well and try to bring them to the path of good.

He also said that there is no problem even if the number of prisoners is several times more. We have enough manpower. A few hundred more prisoners would not be a problem. Besides, since prisoners are given regular food, there is no problem with food for prisoners.

Jail Superintendent ASM Kamrul Huda said that although the prison has a capacity of 352 people, the buildings that were built at that time can house many more prisoners than the capacity. About 1,500 prisoners often stay here. As a result, there is no problem. However, there will be a little problem if the prisoners go above two thousand.

He also said that since there are more prisoners, naturally the prisoners cannot live comfortably. But there is no problem in food. Because since the time of the British, the rule of diet (food) of the prisoners is that the number of prisoners will get as much food.

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