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Awami League is moving ahead with January 10


The ruling Awami League is moving forward with preparations to take responsibility again on January 10. The ruling party wants to form the government on the same day if it wins the 12th national parliament election. Awami League and the government have received such glimpses from several sources.

According to sources, the polls may be held in the first week of January. And immediately after the election, January 10 is a unique historical day in the history of Bengali national liberation struggle. The undisputed leader of Bengalis, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, who was imprisoned in Pakistan after the surrender of the Pakistani invasion forces on December 16, 1971, returned to independent Bangladesh on this day in 1972. If everything goes well, Awami League policy makers want to take oath on the homecoming day of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, who is very important to the party. In this regard, the party’s high command has already taken a preliminary decision.

Awami League presidium member Abdur Rahman told daily Kalbela, ‘January 10 is a historic day for us, for this nation. Birth of the country, independence and liberation war are closely related with this day. The day holds a place in a great chapter of history. Therefore, if we can form the government today by being elected by the people’s vote, it will be more happy. But in the end it will depend on the details of the election commission’s vote.

Although the Awami League is adamant about the election under Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the anti-government BNP alliance is agitating to demand the resignation of the government and elections under a non-partisan government. They are also carrying out programs like hartal-blockade to get their demands. On the other hand, the countdown to the national elections has started from November 1. The last session of the 11th Parliament also concluded on Thursday. According to the constitution, the twelfth national election must be completed by January 29. The Election Commission (EC) has already completed all preparations to hold the polls in the first week of January. The schedule may be announced in the middle of this month. The commission is completing ancillary activities for that purpose. The EC is going to hold a pre-scheduled consultation meeting with the EC’s registered political parties today. Kazi Habibul Awal Commission will ask for everyone’s help in organizing a fair election by highlighting the overall preparation of the election in front of the parties.

According to several sources of Awami League, the opposition government led by BNP is still determined to abstain from the election through the current government, but the ruling party thinks that they may come to the election after considering their existence. Awami League is preparing with this in mind. Recently, party president and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina warned party leaders and MPs in the party’s parliamentary meeting and said several times, ‘This year’s election will be difficult and competitive. Preparations should be made keeping in mind that BNP will come to the elections. This time I can’t take the responsibility of winning anyone over. Everyone has to work unitedly to win the party candidate. No one will get away with opposing the party this time.’ He also warned that those who oppose the boat will end their politics forever.

However, no matter how competitive the election, Awami League is optimistic about winning. The party’s policy makers believe that whether the BNP comes to the polls or not, the people will once again choose the Awami League to continue the progress of development. And if the election is won, January 10, which is very important to the party, will be chosen as the oath day. Party policy makers want to make the day more memorable with joy and celebration by taking oath on this day.

A member of the presidium of the party said during the conversation that it is almost certain that Awami League will come back to power with the people’s vote. Because people don’t like BNP’s burning and murdering politics. People want the development of the country. And if everything goes well after the victory in the election, we want to take oath on the 10th historic day itself.

Awami League joint general secretary Mahbubul-Alam Hanif told daily Kalbela, ‘The upcoming elections will be free and fair, this is Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s firm commitment. The government will give full support to the EC on behalf of the government in the elections. We believe that people will choose Awami League again through free, fair and impartial elections. However, the matter of oath will depend on the schedule and vote of the EC.

Ahmed Hossain, organizational secretary of the party said, ‘The next election will be free and fair. Those who do not commit arson and terrorism will come to the polls. We are fully prepared for the elections. The official election process will start only after the announcement of the details of the Election Commission. We are confident that we will be elected by the people again in that election. But the issue of oath will depend on the details of election, votes and victory. In that case, if there is a special day after the polls, it may be chosen.’

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