Permanent mission visit by delegation of Army War College

Permanent mission visit by delegation of Army War College
Permanent mission visit by delegation of Army War College

A delegation of 23 members of the United States Army War College visited the Bangladesh Permanent Mission to the United Nations.

The delegation visited the permanent mission on Friday (November 3) local time in New York.

According to the Permanent Mission, in view of Bangladesh’s continuous progress in UN peacekeeping operations and the reputation of Bangladeshi peacekeepers, a delegation from the US Army War College visits the Bangladesh Mission every year as part of mutual experience exchange. The delegation of 23 members also includes a high-ranking officer of the Bangladesh Army who is undergoing training at the college.

The delegation of Army War College was welcomed to the mission by Mohammad Abdul Muhith, Permanent Representative and Ambassador of Bangladesh to the United Nations. In his welcome speech, he highlighted Bangladesh’s invaluable contribution to UN peacekeeping operations as a top peacekeeping sending country and Bangladesh’s intensive participation in UN peace and security maintenance, sustainable peace and peacebuilding activities.

Prime Minister highlighted Sheikh Hasina’s visionary leadership in Bangladesh’s transition from LDC category. He mentioned all the steps that Bangladesh is taking in the United Nations to solve the Rohingya problem. Ambassador Muhith highlighted Bangladesh’s unprecedented success in implementing the agenda related to women’s development and empowerment in UN multilateral diplomacy, especially under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Brigadier General, Defense Advisor of Bangladesh Permanent Mission, gave a detailed briefing to the arriving guests about the outstanding contribution of Bangladesh peacekeepers in UN peacekeeping activities and various steps. Chadekuzzaman.

In the briefing, the Defense Advisor presented various aspects of Bangladesh’s successful progress in UN peacekeeping operations for the past 35 years. Moreover, he reiterated Bangladesh’s continued commitment to UN peacekeeping operations in the coming days.


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