Bless all thorns and ensure justice


The administration of justice is the firmest pillar of government, disagreeing with George Washington’s idea that the administration is not the legislative department but the executive department. Because, it is the constitutional responsibility assigned to the judicial department to verify the fairness of the laws made by the law department and to judge the correctness of administrative orders (executive orders) and actions. Here Justice is not only used in a conceptual sense but the phrase ‘Administration of Justice’ refers to the practical aspect of justice.

It is a constitutional right of people to get justice in any situation. According to the annual calendar of the judiciary, there was a situation where the court would not be able to get a trial as the court was closed in December. This decades-long deadlock was broken through public interest litigation. Decade after decade we had such civil courtless December. The court now conducts civil vacation court trials.

In 2004, more than seven thousand people were arrested in Dhaka under Section 86 and 100 of the DMP Ordinance in three days before the public meeting called by the opposition party. Such mass arrests are challenged in public interest suits filed. The High Court Division directed law enforcement agencies not to make such arrests without a specific complaint. Arrests under the DMP Ordinance are now reduced in view of these public interest cases. These cases were early public interest cases.

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